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Since World War One, United States servicemen and women, after fighting a war and sometimes even during a war, truly became “America’s Finest Ambassadors.” This has been a fact over the years in every war in which the U.S. has been engaged.

The interaction with young children by our servicemen and women, helped relieve some of their hunger, their longing for love & attention, plus often filled their need for medical assistance.

United States servicemen and women have afforded these necessities for children regardless of their war-time attitude toward the enemy. Children are children regardless of being children of the enemy. These children never forgot. This is why we say our servicemen and women are indeed “America’s Finest Ambassadors.”

For this film, we interviewed citizens who were children during WW II, in Germany, to hear about their experiences with the American soldier and hear about their wartime experiences. Seventeen citizens taking part in this film ranged in age from 75 to 86 years old.

Producer/Director, George Ciampa, is proud to have been one of the thousands of American servicemen/women at the end of hostilities in Germany, who afforded needed attention to so many war-weary children. These children, later as adults, remember those relationships that gave them a positive view of Americans. His personal activity, with children, included time spent in Germany in the Army of Occupation for seven months after serving during the war in the 607th Graves Registration Co. in five campaigns in France, Belgium and Germany, including the Normandy D-Day Invasion and the Battle of the Bulge.